HABITAS New Year’s Eve – 2018






We write to you from the Caribbean shores of our home in Mexico, where the ocean is calm, the sands are a brilliant white and the water a mesmerizing turquoise. Sea turtles are nesting on our beach, patiently waiting to hatch new life and nourish growth. In many ways, we are feeling a very similar process. A year will have passed since we last came together at our new home in Tulum. It’s been a year full of unbelievable experiences here, and we too have seen Habitas Tulum grow and take shape into the paradise we have always dreamed of building.

We are ready for you arrival and are preparing for the most inspiring New Year’s Eve experience to date. We are ready to plant a seed within all of you that will elevate our community to new heights, bringing us closer to each other and to our own individual goals.

Just imagine what a year in preparation will have in store for us all. We have never been this excited to welcome you home.

You’ve come to know the pillars of every Habitas gathering which are now the pillars of every home we are set to build. True human connection is best accomplished when we let our guards down, when we nourish one another with genuine intentions and when we surrender to revelations that we never knew were possible. We will dance, we will enjoy lavish family dinners, we will be pushed to our limits physically and emotionally and we will reminded of the essence of life, our most sought after luxury. Look our for important announcements and event details very soon. As always, we will reveal as little as possible and we will rely on your trust.