HABITAS Live Concert Series – MARDELEVA 10/6

Evento Free / Gratuito con RSVP

Join us for our live concert monthly series, in our natural jungle concert hall. This series will explore the sounds of artists who push boundaries and explore new depths in poly gender performances. None other, to touch on this than MARDELEVA, an ensemble brought forth from this very same place of musical adventure.

We will operate on a first come first serve basis.
Our jungle concert venue is of limited capacity.
Please arrive early to ensure admittance. Show will start on time and no one will be admitted once show has begun.
Thank you for your understanding, support and respect for our artists.

HABITAS is committed to the preservation of this beautiful land and very soon will be implementing programs of education and environmental consciousness.


Mar de fondo es el movimiento de las olas que se propaga fuera de la zona donde se ha generado, pudiendo llegar a lugares muy alejados.


This very unique trio of music, souls and minds, is Eduardo Castillo’s new LIVE project. Eager to expand and build on his musical reach and scope, Eduardo, has brought these very talented friends and multi-instrumentalist musicians together to explore the potential of each of their own immense talents, only to realize, when playing and listening as a group, a very powerful force came alive. Influenced by sounds and music of all reaches of the planet, and Eduardo’s decades of electronic music exploration, the frequencies that are produced by this very unique troupe of musicians, are truly on another level of performance and experience.

Eduardo Castillo / Venezuela
Voice, Keyboards, Programming

Leonardo Prakash / France – Mexico
Sitar, Guitars, Flutes, Voice

Bogdan Djukic / Serbia
Violin, West African Harps, Percussion, Voice

HABITAS – Storyteller Series

We are lucky to be on heavenly lands where not only are we inspired by our natural surroundings but also by those who visit. Most times, those who visit have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share with the world. Habitas is a container for such occasions with a backdrop usually seen only in dreams.

Guest storyteller TBA.

HABITAS Dia Holisitco

At Hábitas we believe that to strengthen our connection with those around us, we must first journey to reconnect with ourselves. Finding and knowing our roots is essential in our quest to answer the questions we have about our purpose, our own personal truth. Holistic healing practices have been used for centuries to help clear the path to self-discovery, and to reawaken our focus and drive in both our physical and energetic bodies.This is done by getting to, or close to, a meditative state. We have carefully selected a variety of techniques from around the world to help you get there. Each phase of your treatment has a purpose; every treatment is a journey.

Our Dia Holistico is a day dedicated to aligning all things wellness. We will enjoy sessions from our expert wellness team while feasting on fresh organic fare from our coveted kitchen.

ACRO YOGA (therapeutic partner flying) – 10 am

Immersive sensorial therapy that combines sounds, therapeutic touch and meditation.

Wildy fun and introspective Mayan clay and organic Yucatan honey group massage session. This session will provide a direct connection with the natural elements from which the clay comes from while also detoxing and rejuvenating.

Kaa’x Teatro – A Cinematic Jungle Experience

We shall lounge underneath the stars, under waving trees, as we view inspiring films that have made an impact on us all, in immersive HD and surround sound.

Film: Birdman
Director: Alejandro G Iñarritu

About the Director:

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu is a Mexican film director, producer and screenwriter. He is the first Mexican director to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director and the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing for Babel (2006). He won the Academy Award for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture for Birdman (2014).

For table reservations email

We look forward to welcoming you.

HABITAS Sunset – Goldcap

Habitas has always been known for its impeccable music curation we are proud to have helped catapult beautiful careers to artists needing a perfect platform to express themselves and share their craft. Sunsets have historically been truly our golden hours. We thrive feeling a day turn to night.

Our very first Sunset of the New Year will be led by one of our own, GOLDCAP. No stranger to being at the helm of powerful musical journeys, our dear Bairj Shahakian, AKA GOLDCAP, will leave us hoping the sun never sets.

HABITAS New Year’s Eve – 2018

We write to you from the Caribbean shores of our home in Mexico, where the ocean is calm, the sands are a brilliant white and the water a mesmerizing turquoise. Sea turtles are nesting on our beach, patiently waiting to hatch new life and nourish growth. In many ways, we are feeling a very similar process. A year will have passed since we last came together at our new home in Tulum. It’s been a year full of unbelievable experiences here, and we too have seen Habitas Tulum grow and take shape into the paradise we have always dreamed of building.

We are ready for you arrival and are preparing for the most inspiring New Year’s Eve experience to date. We are ready to plant a seed within all of you that will elevate our community to new heights, bringing us closer to each other and to our own individual goals.

Just imagine what a year in preparation will have in store for us all. We have never been this excited to welcome you home.

You’ve come to know the pillars of every Habitas gathering which are now the pillars of every home we are set to build. True human connection is best accomplished when we let our guards down, when we nourish one another with genuine intentions and when we surrender to revelations that we never knew were possible. We will dance, we will enjoy lavish family dinners, we will be pushed to our limits physically and emotionally and we will reminded of the essence of life, our most sought after luxury. Look our for important announcements and event details very soon. As always, we will reveal as little as possible and we will rely on your trust.